Help i cant com up with good ideas

Please help me im newbie and i cannot come up with a good ideas. Its a logo for internet service provider named “fnds”

You’ve at least started out right. Keep sketching. But first, define what this ‘client’ means to you. Logos are NOT created in a vacuum. They are part of a branding strategy. Spend a little time developing a brand concept for this client. Search out their competition and be different. That may help ideas to flow a little better.

If you are a student of design, ideas are your only commodity (tied to your skill to execute them.) You have to do that part on your own. We’ll comment and offer advice, but we won’t do your WORK for you.


I like the idea you sketched out with the F combined with a lightning bolt (assuming you did that to emphasize the speed of the ISP). There is something there worth pursuing.

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