HELP! I need a new computer

Hey graphic designers! I need some help - although I’m not new to the graphic design industry, I’m just not a tech gal and always have a hard time determining what kind of computer to purchase that can handle my heavy design programs quickly and with ease, as well as large design files. I need a PC so I’m compatible with those I’ll be working with and it needs to be a laptop, as I’m on the road more often than not. Can anyone help guide me in the right direction. I was considering the ASUS Vivibook Pro or the Asus Rog Strix Scar??

While I hate recommending things to buy, I’ll give you some feedback about the ones you’ve posted.

Keep in mind that both of the systems that you posted are gaming laptops, mean shorter battery life, and typically more weight.

Not only that, both of those are 7th gen processors. You can look up the benchmarks and clearly see it would be worth the extra money to invest in an 8th gen, even at the cost of GPU power. And in the thinner version, you may not even get full performance because of throttling from the heat- as thinner chassis are generally worse at dissipating heat. This is similar to what Apple is currently facing in its newer Macbooks. (specifically the i9)

You didn’t say if you do any video editing or gaming.

Thank you for the feedback! I know you don’t like recommending things to buy, but is there a system that you could point me to that you feel would work for my needs - heavy graphic design with some video production. Thanks again!

Actually the new Strix come with 8th gen of i7 processors. But just like you said they are heavier and shorter on battery life.

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