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A friend asked me for help IDing this font. I’m coming across lots of similar Art Nouveau display fonts on the web, but none so far with these strange under-dotted O’s.

I thought I might poll the experts for some suggestions. Thank you, type wizards.

It’s ITC Willow.

It’s likely more of an Arts & Crafts genre typeface than Art Nouveau, but that’s probably beside the point.

No you are completely right with Arts and Crafts, and yes it’s ITC Willow.

And wow you’re fast. :dizzy:

Thanks @Just-B

For me it will forever be associated with American Horror Story :wink:


It is based on lettering drawn by Scottish Architect and designer, Charles Rennie Macintosh for the Willow Tea Rooms in Glasgow. He was a bit of a genius. The Hill House and Glasgow School of Art are amazing. The library in the latter is/was astounding. I remember feeling physically sick a few years ago watching the footage of a fire ripping through it. It will get rebuilt, but will never be quite the same. Let’s just hope they put the same attention to detail into its rebuilding as Macintosh did originally.


Now that you mention it, I remember reading about that fire after it occurred. It was the epitome of what an old-fashioned library should be. Lots of wood in an arts and crafts style with, I suppose, Scottish overtones, if I remember right.

I just looked up Charles Rennie Macintosh. He’s definitely someone I need to study more. How could I have overlooked this guy for so long? I love what I’ve seen so far — somewhere between Art Nouveau and arts and crafts. Amazon lists several books about him that I’ll need to look into.

Does anyone recognize the font used for the text?

MeyerTwo Regular

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Thanks. It works very nicely with the display face.

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