Help ID this chunky hi-contast Sans

Hi there,

I am trying to ID this font. I realize that the designer may have adjusted some of the letterforms (most likely the circle dot in the i, possibly others). Still, I feel like I am not getting there by using WhatTheFont (see below).

Any ideas?
gardiens close up

From WhatTheFont:

It looks like Sequel - but the a is different …

And each letter has scaling applied.

Hi @Chloe_Peanut_Piano :slight_smile:

I’m not finding an exact match anywhere. I’m half thinking someone combined fonts or manipulated them. The “ar” is throwing me off.

So, wild guess… It’s a mix between Dreadnoughtus Bold Italic otf (400) and Zeppelin 42 Bold for the a and r.

I took a screen grab and set it to difference in Illustrator (could use photoshop)

You can see the G with some scaling almost fits exactly.
The a is way off

The rest of the letters with some rough scaling look good

Monument Extended Heavy;

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Pretty close!
G is slightly different - but the rest looks neat enough with a bit of stretching/kerning/tracking etc all applied.

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