Help identify this typeface

Hey all! Does anyone know the name of the typeface used for ‘Traveller’?

Thank you!

Closest I could get is Triple Condensed Gothic, though there are some differences. You could always type it out, convert to outlines, then modify! Or maybe they have alternate glyphs available for a slightly different style.

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This one has me stumped too. I can’t seem to pin it down … none of the a’s or e’s match. So maybe it’s a Frankenfont :wink:

I’ll keep rummaging around and if I find anything I’ll post back :wink:

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Right?? Definitely a Frankenfont hahaha. Even searched my own library and couldn’t find anything exact.


If I were the design director of a magazine like Condé Nast Traveler, I wouldn’t be relying on a commercial typeface for my nameplate. I’d design it myself, which is what I suspect they might have done.


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