Help in acheiving

What is the best way to achieve a very similar graphic, like the white outline of the car, and would add a local background

Appreciate any help!

I can tell you how I would have likely approached it or how it might have been done if that’s what you’re asking.

The photo of the man in the car might have been originally just that, a photo of a man riding in the back of a car, complete with the roof that was outlined in illustration before being removed in photoshop and replaced with a background scene in Photoshop.

The outline of the roof that was done in Illustrator might then have been dropped into the composite Photoshop file (or the other way around).

Various parts of the man — especially the head area — might also have been lightened to make it appear as though he was exposed to ambient outdoor lighting rather than the interior lighting of the car. He might even have been part of a separate photo cut out and merged into the car seat. It’s hard to say since I don’t know what the photographic starting point was.

At least that’s one way it could have been done.

Thank you, much appreciated.

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