Help is sincerely appreciated

Hey guys. Just recently getting into working on my own designs and I have a very noobish question. I have 6 icons i’d like to change the colors for, I’ll attach one of them here. The color used is purple and I want it to be black. Which program can I use?

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It depends on their file format.

If they are bitmaps (.JPEG, .PNG, .TIFF or .GIF), you should use a bitmap/raster graphics editor, such as Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Affinity Photo or Corel Photo Paint).

On the other hand, if they are vector files (.SVG, .PDF, .EPS), you should use a vector graphics editor lsuch as Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, Affinity Designer or Corel Draw.

@Jakub_Trybowski is correct.

These sorts of icons are always drawn in a vector drawing program, such as Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, or Affinity Designer.

You’ve posted a PNG, which was probably saved from one of those vector applications. If all you need to do is change the color of the PNG, you can do it easily in Photoshop, Affinity Photo, or the other bitmap editing applications mentioned by Jakub.


When you say “my own designs,” are you saying that you designed that hand / cleaning graphic?

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Maybe there is no need to change the color.
Just download them (again?) and don’t forget to honor the chosen license model.

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If it’s for print don’t save the SVG in black. SVG can only be rgb which will result in a 4 colour cmyk black.

So if you have SVG files, save to .ai first or whatever the native file format is for your application.

Then convert document colour space to cmyk.

Then change to 100 percent black.

That only applies for print though.

Even if it’s not going to print just yet it’s probably good practice to have it correct.

Thanks everyone. Figured it out.

If you are skilled enough to create this image on your own, then you certainly should be skilled enough to do something as simple as changing a color. Since you could not do that without help it makes me think this design is not original (created solely by you.) Be careful my friend. Claiming a copyrighted image as your own is very dangerous and could lead you into costly legal action.