Help me choose a thread

Please help me choose between those 2 threads:

Having a hard time picking between those 2.
Also, if there are some features I can transfer from one thread to another please suggest me!

(I made both)

If you are just looking for opinions on the visual … I prefer the first one.

So I assume by your comment that the second one is more comfortable right?

What do you mean by a “thread?”

A thread design. I have a business in a forum which is mainly advertised with a thread. I want to know which design looks better to be used as my main thread.

Sorry, but I’ve never heard of anything called a “thread design.” I have no idea what it is.

Don’t feel bad … I had no clue either. The only thread I’ve ever heard of is forum related lol … but not as it’s being described here. Never have I been in a forum that’s allowed for a member too advertise in a whole “Thread”

So I went with the one I thought looked nicer. That’s about all I can offer.

That’s not what I said at all. I like the look and layout of the first one … end of story.

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