Help me recreate this diamond pattern in Adobe Illustrator

I am trying to recreate a diamond pattern similar to the attached image. Does anyone have any ideas on how to start and what tools/effects to use in Adobe Illustrator to achieve this? Thank you.

What approaches have you research and already attempted?

I have tried to use the Blend Tool in Illustrator but it wasn’t giving me the results I wanted unfortunately.

I think one approach would be to create line grid with varying stroke weights and then creating the outlines. The other approach is to start with the diamond shapes and use some sort of blending method that creates an array of continuously changing sizes inbetween.

In theory these could work but I just wasn’t able to achieve what can be seen on the photo. Any help is greatly appreciated.

You can do it with Transform Each in Illustrator, but not in one go.

Identify the central diamond.
Then with a bit of experimentation you can measure the steps needed. To go down/right use positive numbers in the Move Horizontal/Vertical.
Then do a copy of your line of diamonds for the next row up / left / right, not forgetting the scaling.

This looks like it was made with the Vector Halftone feature on an illustrator plugin called Phantasm.

The vector halftone lets you replace a typical “circle/dot” array with a customizable shape. Size of the dots/shapes are controlled via brightness of the color fill on that object, meaning you can apply a gradient to that object and the shapes will get smaller/larger as the gradient gets darker/brighter.

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Thanks for all the help guys, much appreciated!!

That’s a nice plugin that I hadn’t encountered before. It does some interesting things. At $119, however, I’ll need to pass on it until I have a client willing to pay for it.

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Yeah, I think its $119 per year too! But that does include all of their other plugins too, which are also pretty great.

Used to be $35 per plugin, but would only work until CC updates then you would have to purchase a new version of the plugin.

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