Help Me to find these mockups

Please help me to find these mockups, I shall be thankful to you guys.

of what? A piece of paper with a click pencil on it?
A phone camera gets you one in 10 seconds if you have a click pencil.
And if you’re a designer and don’t have one, why not?

thank you for your advice, but I need the same and there must be a source to get these mockups. Thats why I am here on this forum.

Hi. I don’t know where to find the exact mockup files, but you could try creating a smart object over the image using a design software like Adobe Photoshop. (These images aren’t high resolution, it might not be favourable to the intended result)

I believe you can take these with any camera.
You could use the perspective tool in photoshop to place an image? i’ve never tried it but it would yield the result you want.

I gotta ask why it looks like a logo is blanked out in the images you posted.
It could very well be these are not mockups but were created specifically to showcase a particular logo in a particular way.

IOW, I’m not getting a returned result from any of the usual places where I would find the mockups you all seem so fond of using.

They are stock photos. These particular photos have been used by many. I can’t find the site that offers them however. Mostly because (as usual) 20 pages are Pinterest results :roll_eyes:

foxmedia_1x c55c89af63fd0655d224d8e048071d46 12224-sketch-mockup db660797087275.Y3JvcCwzNDEzLDI2NzAsMjk1LDA Poster_sketch_mockup 7835cd5446f86a7f4000236dfca25d83

I did try key words at a couple well know stock places. Some are similar. I also blocked out the logo (minus “sample”) and did a reverse search thing again … and nothing … just the same Pinterest results. I really wish Pinterest was their own search engine and got off the rest :wink:


So, unfortunately I think the OP is out of luck getting this exact set of pics.

You got farther than I did.
I found the pen, but not the combination.
And an eraser that isn’t used, is a lie. Just sayin’…


yea I just blanked it coz I think it would be a copyright issue.

thank you for you research on it, I also tried many times but could found any psd files so I think I’ve to create the mock-ups by myself if these pics are in High-resolution quality.

would you please share the link where you found these images, quality is very low of these pics in this page

Hi Asher,
Please mention the purpose for which you want these mock-ups. (You don’t seem to be willing to get these from your phone camera).


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