Help me with animation

Hello guys,

I was wondering on how to do this effect and if there is a template for it?

Thanks a lot

why i can’t add links here?

We were getting so many spam posts with links that we deactivated link posting for new forum members. I’ve upped your privileges, so you should be able to create a link now.

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Thank you!
Here is the effect that I was talking about in the post can you guys help me with a software that I can achieve this effect with or a tutorial and even better a template
Thanks a lot

I depends on the software you’re using, but in general, it’s just a matter of moving an element along a predefined path across a timeline, then duplicating that path for all the different pieces and offsetting them to keep them in order and doing everything in a uniform sequence.

A good choice for software might be Adobe After Effects. I don’t know any tutorials for what you’re seeing in the video, but there are plenty of After Effects tutorials online showing how to move objects along a path.

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Here’s a good starter tutorial:

Hope this helps!!

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Maybe this could be a useful tool awell

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