Help! My lines on my logo is not clean!

Greetings everyone! I’ve registered recently (about a minute ago) to ask help on my Logo, I saw that the lines in my logo are not clean straight and I wanna ask the process on how can I make the lines straight and clean.

Vhail Steam

Also, additional few tips on how to make my logo stand out is also okay! Thank you so much.

Did you use Photoshop for this?
Use a vector program like Illustrator instead.

I use Paintdotnet (sorry, this forum doesn’t allow “links”) which allows me to create custom shapes but all I did was use the basic shapes, and yes, I did use Photoshop for further edits like what you can see in the second pic. (which is my Steam avatar btw)

Sorry, using Illustrator is a very tedious work to do for me, as I am very much new to Graphic Designing or even Logo Designing and I don’t have much time to learn about the program as school will start soon. Thanks for the suggestion anyway!

Uh…logos are always designed in a vector program like Illustrator. Not photoshop and not some whatever online thing you may have found.

Not quite sure what your rush is. Why do you need to do this not the right way because school starts soon?

You can’t post links on your first several posts. Cuts down on spammers.

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Alrighty, thank you, I’ll be editing my logo right now. Thank you for the help!

If you really want to, you can use the handle end of a screwdriver to hammer a nail into a piece of wood; but, at the end of the day, it’s not the right tool.

I thought this was going to be something about Transformers :wink:

… carry on :smiley:

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Not sure about the reference. I guess you have to be a Transformers fan to get that.


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I was particularly thinking of the Decepticons from Transformers :wink:

Oh … I really don’t know a lot about Transformers. My kids did when they were young.

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My Brother was infatuated with them back in the 80’s and my nephew loved them before he could pronounce it :smiley: … His favorite is Bumblebee I’ve been getting schooled about Transformers and Decepticons for decades lol :stuck_out_tongue: But how can you not love the heroic battles of Optimus Prime fending off Megatron?


… and now I’ve completely derailed this conversation … apologies to the OP :slight_smile:


Since this thread went off the rails…

@RedKittieKat tell your brother about the new Transformers series on Netflix. :grin:

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I’m sure both he and the nephew know … but I’ll have to mention it anyway just to be sure. Might have to check it out myself :smiley:

… gotta keep up ya know :wink:

Hello guys, I appreciate you all talking about the Transformers stuff, and yes, my logo was supposed to be a “mech” looking kinda thing and I appreciate that you guys have noticed it, it made me feel accomplished, and also, I’ve cleaned the lines by using the Pen Tool on Illustrator and basically copying the outlines of my logo, here is the output:

Can you guys take a moment to rate it and say if it’s better than the original. Thank you all for the comment especially PrintDriver and those who helped! Cheers.

I know it’s still a bit messy in some way (especially the diagonal lines, I really can’t do it that perfect but learning Illustrator is a fun process and I’m willing to learn everything on it especially for logo designing.

The big “V” is not at a uniform weight. It is thicker at the bottom than the top. The same applies to the top; wedge and the main body.

Still, I’m glad that you are now using a vector program to re-create it.

Yes, it’s better than the original. Illustrator creates straight, smooth, scalable lines — something you won’t get in a photo editor, like Photoshop.

Your angles appear to be a bit off from being parallel with each other, though (see attached image). The one having to do with the small triangle are far enough off to look intentional. The larger ones, however, look more like mistakes.

In addition, I agree with @Eriskay’s observation about the V. If you made all the line angles I mentioned above the same, it would solve that problem and, in the process, simplify the shape’s visual complexity. Then again, it might change the overall shape to be something other than you wanted.


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