Help on re-pixelate image

I just want to turn this image into a high res wallpaper but i dunno how to soft that fluzzy. If you zoom the image it gets more blurry and for a pixelated image its unacceptable. To explain look at the second image. How can I do it?


Regardless of what one may have seen on TV and the magic of the Forensics Techs mad skillz, One would need to start with high res. if one wants high res. It can’t generate something that is no longer there. PrintDriver said it best a while back … and I’m paraphrasing … He is still waiting for the release of Adobe - The CSI version :smiley:

I’m sure someone can explain it in more depth, but I’m about to run out the door :wink:

… and Welcome Aboard! :slight_smile:

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Wait no more. I just had the beta version.

This is my original


After a single click, and voila –



lmaoooo :smiley:

What you’re asking for isn’t possible. When an image becomes pixelated, either due to compression or for artistic reasons, the image data is dumped. This mean it is impossible to turn the image back into a higher resolution, which is why most people make a copy of an original image before modifying it.

If you’re interested, here is an article that explains this:

Oh dear. A link to them?

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Below is a quote from the article that is seriously misleading and without it being explained further — which the article doesn’t do — amounts to terrible advice. Increasing the resolution of an image (upsampling) does not allow it to be printed at a larger print size. Simply adding more pixels to the image won’t improve it or make any significant difference to how it will print or how it will look once its printed. Other than that, it’s generally a good article, but likely confusing to beginners.

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