Help with after effects

Hello everyone, i’m new to this forum and will love to be part of this great community, so i recently got into after effects and made my first video but the problem is, the video can’t play after converting it to mp4, it works on my laptop but can’t play on my phone or upload on my whatsapp status, i have tried out several converting processes but nothing is working, any help?

Hi Ace, first of all what happens when you try to upload it to whatsapp?

Im thinking maybe the file is too big or youre having a codec problem.
Let me know if it’s just showing a black screen or if you get an error while uploading, and what does this error say. What do you mean by trying out several converting processes?

I found this on a website. Maybe check if your video is not exceeding the specified 16 MB limit, length of 3 min. and has been exported with the right codecs from after effects first.

How To Get Your Video Ready For WhatsApp

Before we can get our video ready for sending it over WhatsApp, we have to know the specifications of videos allowed to be uploaded and sent using the app. The following table will give a short overview of what is known about videos that can best be sent, received and watched using WhatsApp:

Max. File Size Max. Length File Formats Specifications
16 MB ca. 3 Minutes recommended:
  • MP4


  • AVI
  • MKV|* H264 or MPEG4 video codec
  • AAC or AC3 audio codec|

Both MP4 and AVI are video container formats that can contain different codecs for both audio and video streams. This could cause trouble when trying to watch a video you received via WhatsApp. If your phone or device does not support the codec used in the sent video, you can not view it. However, if you convert your video and optimize it as best as possible for WhatsApp, you increase the chance of everyone you send the video to being able to watch it.

Let’s see how you can do that. Of course, you need your video. We are using a file with a 3GP format.

1. Open the MP4 converter

The advantage of using such an online version in comparison to a program or app is that you can always use it from everywhere. There is no need to install anything, simply follow the link.

2. Upload your file

There are different options for you to upload your video:

  1. Directly from your phone or hard drive
  2. By entering a link
  3. Uploading it from your cloud storage (Dropbox or Google Drive)

3. Use the optional settings

As the name suggests, these options are optional. However, they can be important when looking at the specifications of videos for WhatsApp. Two settings in particular are vital for that:

  • Set file size
  • Cut video

Since WhatsApp restricts the video size in two ways, file size and length, you can use those settings to cut your video and make it smaller so WhatsApp can process them.

4. Even more optional settings

As you can see on the screenshot above, there are more settings you can use to alter and optimize your video. Especially for videos recorded on a phone, the last two options can be interesting. If your video is upside-down or tilted to the side, you can easily rotate it so other people can view it correctly. Furthermore, you can mirror or flip the video as well.

5. Convert and upload

Once you did or did not set your optional settings, you can click on “Convert file”. On the next page, you can then download the MP4 file. Depending on the size of your video, it might take a while to upload and process it. But once this is done, you can go ahead and share it on WhatsApp with your friends and family!

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