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Client had been told the document needs to use “Futura Com Medium” font. I have Futura Medium and think it’s the same, but willing to buy it but I can’t seem to find “Futura Com Medium” anywhere. They have it installed on their machine (she took a screen grab) so it does exist. Not to mention that Futura has SO many variants/ripoffs could this be one of them? How do I find out for sure?

FYI Apparently there is also a “Light” and “Book” style (based on her screen grab)

You might want to try Googling it.

This links to the MyFonts page where you can buy the font.

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Yep I’ve googled it. Been to all the foundrys and cant find it.

click on the actual download link to that and it just takes you to a myfonts search results page… unfortunately not the actual font. Even when I scroll down the search results I get “Futura by Linotype”, “Futura by Bitstream” and many other “Futura by…” I went thru all the pages and unfortunately none of them have the “Futura Com” version/style

Was hoping not to have to buy the whole family and just the one font. Funny Monotype doesn’t have it on their site

Sometimes font owners discontinue their fonts for various reasons.

If your client has it and you’re using it for them, they might have a license that enables installation on, perhaps, 5 different machines. Depending on the EULA (which they might or might not have) there’s nothing wrong with using their fonts as long as you don’t keep them or use them for other purposes. In other words, ask them to provide you with copies for use exclusively on their work.

good idea. I will reach out to them

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