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Does anybody know the shortcut’s command for threading in InDesign?

You just click the icon in the bottom right of the frame, and then click the icon on the top left of the frame you are threading to.

It also works in reverse order to thread backwards.

I am not at my computer at the moment and out and about. Can help further later on if needed.

I am sure others can help too. :grinning:

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That, for me, is one of the very few shortcomings of Indesign compared to quark days (eons ago). I used to quite like the link tool combined with the alt key. It was much quicker to link multiple boxes. I know you don’t lose a lot of time clicking on the bottom right of the frame Each time, but it’s just a bit less slick and slightly irritating if you have loads to link. There aren’t many things you can say like that about Quark vs InDesign and certainly wouldn’t compel me to go back!

In Indesign - hold down Alt (PC) or Option (Mac) and you can just click anywhere in a frame to keep linking.

It’s covered int he link I shared.

Semi-autoflow by holding down Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) when you click.
Works like manual text flow, except that the pointer becomes a loaded text icon each time the end of a frame is reached, until all text is flowed into your document.

I’m not sure if this comment will help, but websites with lists of shortcut commands usually help for me for finding commands when I search using key words…

In InDesign if you got Edit>Keyboard Shortcuts

And click the Show Set… button it opens in a text editor and you can search that - or make a nice spreadsheet for yourself.

Shutterstock have FREE downloads of shortcuts for lots of programs

I know, but there was just something ever so slightly more intuitive about the old quark link tool. Tiny nothing. No real effective time saving, just felt easier somehow. Sometimes there is little logic to these things.

Been about 20 years since I even looked at quark. but i do remember it

Me too and I still get emails from them hoping I’ll upgrade. To be honest, I’m surprised they still exist. I don’t know anyone who still uses it.

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