Help with intro

Hello does anyone know how to do that effect when he bites the whole head like squeezes and opens up . I tried alot of things on my logo but no success … or im doing it wrong.

That’s not just an effect you can apply. It’s done through a program capable of animation panels/layers etc.

What have you tried?

I was playing with effects in AE also puppet pin tool but no success. What animation program u talking about or do you have any suggesting to do something like that?

I’m no animation expert by any means. I’m sure there are a few ways to accomplish this. For me personally any animations I have done have been editing each panel and then animating with IR which is now combined with Photoshop … I think :wink:

I’m hoping someone with more experience in newer techniques will chime in.

This looks like a rigged character animation in Adobe Animate. The top muzzle is a separate layer than the lower jaw to allow for the overlap. There is also a stretch/warp effect that widens the sides of the head when it bites down.

this ->

Thank you very much for the answer!

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