Help with overlaying two graphics

Please don’t eviscerate me on this one, but I haven’t done much graphic design work in over 15 years so I am a little rusty.

I am working on a log that has two crossed axes. Both are vector format and both do not have backgrounds. When I cross the handles, I can see the designs on the bottom handle. I know there is a way to make the top handle cut out the bottom handle, but I can’t remember what it is called in order to better look it up. I’m using both Canva Pro and Inkscape to work on the file. Any help is much appreciated.

Rather than cut one of them up, you could place a white shape on the one beneath. If you need a cleaner solution than that, there’s the pathfinder tool in Illustrator that you could use to cut out the part of the handle you don’t need, but I know little to nothing about anything similar in Inkscape or Canva. Creating a mask could work too, but again, I’m unfamiliar with the tools in Inkscape or Canva.