Help with Photoshop CC

I’m trying to smooth out the jagged edges in the text on the top of this design.
I tried using the smudge but it doesn’t look right.
Any suggestions

If Ps is all you got to work with then use the pen tool and trace the letter shapes then stroke 'em and add a gradient fill across all the text.

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The best way would have been to avoid the problem altogether, but if this is what you have to work with, I agree with grfkdzgn’s approach.

If you’re careful you could also use the lasso tool to define the boundary between the color and the black. Make sure it’s set to antialias. Then you could use the smudge tool, if you feel comfortable with it, to push the color up against the line. You could also apply an entirely new gradient if you’d like. Then you could inverse the selected area, and do much the same with the other side of the line, as in using, maybe, the brush tool to tidy up the black edges where it meets up against the line.

You wouldn’t need to do any of this all at once. You could do it a letter at a time.

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