Help with this font ID

Very much like Officina Sans, but that’s not it. The ‘r’ has a top serif pointing left and the ‘y’ is unusual.

Is this Toyota sponsored? Toyota has its own custom fonts.
But I just checked, and not even close. At least not to current standard. They did just have a brand update though.

Could it be a stretched out or distorted version of Meta?

Maybe a cheap knockoff of Meta? Here’s your sample compared to Meta with its width stretched to 105% (red keyline). The y is off, but everything else is pretty close.

from an old Toyota ad.
I think it’s their older branded font.
Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 2.39.56 PM

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Toyota Display Regular


Why did I even try? :crazy_face:


Aww …


I kinda thought those were proprietary…

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Pretty sure they are … that’s why we always tell folks to watch out for “free” fonts :wink:

They do have this in the copyright section of this font:

Copyright 2008 Dalton Maag Ltd. This typeface is for exclusive use by Toyota Motor Corporation only. The typeface may only be used in projects relating to Toyota Motor Corporation. All rights reserved.

So they’re good to go :wink: LOL

Uh huh. I had to sign my life away -in blood- to use those fonts for a gig a few years back…

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Yeah I thought it might be a font made for Toyota, but it’s not in their current style book.

It’s for a Toyota dealership so I can charge the client for the font if I can find it - even the publishers, Dalton Maag Ltd, don’t have it on their website any more.

RKK your link seems legit so I’ll start there.

I’ve emailed DaltonMaag to see if they can sell me a copy, and I’ve emailed the client to ask if they wouldn’t prefer to be using the new Toyota Style Guide :roll_eyes:

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You should definitely be able to get the Brand Guidelines and assets from Toyota - the dealership just needs to request them.

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