Here’s one, I have no idea. Many are similar but can’t find a direct hit.

are you asking what the typeface is, maybe?

Yes, sorry. I was not clear. Do you or does anyone else recognize this font?


Well … I’ve looked through everything I can think of and I can’t find an exact match :frowning:

Either they all match and but the R or they all match but the G. It could very well be two fonts involved or it could be out there and I just can’t find it. So, if you need an exact match I’m not much help :wink: But, if you just need something close Neutraface Display Tilting is about as close as I can come up with. You will need to scroll a bit to find it.

Close enough, amazing! Thanks for the help!

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So after hunting around a bit, I found a few variation of the font. This one looks right to me, you nailed it. The variations on the M, R, G, Q, K, are upper/lower case. Interesting and thanks again!

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Yay!! :slight_smile:

… I tend to forget to look at lowercase if it’s all in caps lol …

<----- old brain syndrome lol :smiley:

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I was gonna say, If RKK can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. LOL!


Aww thanks PD


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It happened three times in a week. I was going to say something, but somebody beat me to it with literally the exact same words!


Geech! I did a little searching knowing I’d seen the typeface, but couldn’t find it — only a bunch of near misses.

Now that you’ve found Neutra, I’m sort of surprised given that it was a type family I used extensively several years ago on a series of promotional calendars I designed. No wonder it looked so familiar, but scary that I didn’t connect it with a whole type family I have on my computer.

Just for the fun of it . . .

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I kinda love that old style hollywood design :wink:

and I’ve always called him Nootra and here I find out it’s Noytra :smiley: I just never heard anyone say his name out loud before I guess.

Pretty interesting :heart: Thanks Steve!


I mispronounced his name at first, too.

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The British might default to pronouncing it ‘Neew-tra’ but ‘Noytra’ reflects the German pronunciation and likely origins of the name.

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Very interesting, Steve. I was vaguely familiar that the typeface had something to do with a California architect, but I knew nothing more about it than that.

The videos make it seem like he was slightly nuts. For example, he’d show up unannounced at odd hours at houses he designed, long after they were built. He’d just hang around like he owned them and perceived the actual owners as privileged guests occupying his creations.

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