Here's that chance to clean out your font library

Here’s that chance to clean out your font library
whether you want to or not.
Just a reminder that Postscript Type 1 will not be supported by Adobe at the end of the year.


I cleaned them all out, but it’s still a nightmare when I go to open old projects in ID and get dozens of font errors.

I’m putting an issue of a magazine together right now and seeing that most the ads submitted by other designers still have postscript fonts included. I’m trying to anticipate all the possible ways I will be vexed come January.

Just don’t upgrade your adobewares for a bit. Or keep the old versions around even if updating. The old versions will still read the old fonts. As soon as your other designers do those bleeding edge updates, the fonts will sort themselves.

For years, I worked at newspapers and magazines. Dealing with ads that are built and sent in with every possible mistake was always a mess. Fonts that no longer work will be one more big headache to deal with for months. It seems that Type 1 fonts embedded in a PDF can still be placed and will still RIP, however.

Yeh if the font is embedded it wouldn’t affect anything.