Here's To Longer Days! 🌞

I meant to post this earlier, but I got caught up in my Christmas candy making’s and forgot lol.

How is everyone doing out there that is celebrating?

So far I have my candy stuff done now … but, I still have to put all the gifts together.

I’ve learned over the years to make it easy on myself. I throw everything in bags with a little tissue paper.

This year I decided to try to reuse rather than buy new. I get deliveries from for my groceries and the bags are really good quality. I couldn’t bear the thought of throwing them away. I’ve been trying to think of ways to use them in my crafts and it dawned on me. Christmas Bags! :smiley:

They were a lot of fun to make.

They all got a coat of house paint with a roller :smiley: … then decorated with all sorts of stuff…paint, sponges I cut, stencils and markers.




What’s everyone else working on? I’d love to see :slight_smile:


I freaking love this!!! Brilliant idea!

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Thanks Des :heart:

Do to other people’s travel schedules, we’ll have a prolonged Christmas this year. I’m looking forward to actually taking off altogether between Christmas and New Years. It will be a much needed break.

Those bags are great!

And, yes, a double here’s to longer days!


Thanks Steve! :slight_smile:

And have a great vacation!

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A Blessed Yule to all! Longer days definitely worth celebrating!

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They can’t lengthen fast enough for me, so onward at full speed to the vernal equinox.

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