Hi everyone, my first time on this forum

Welcome to the Graphic Design Forum, designsbyted!

One of the forum rules is you have to wear a heavy sweater. Since you have a mask, it’s just as good.

Student work?
Do you want a critique?
If so, post the assignment instructions.

Please share your thoughts on this design

It’s not an assignment, just a random design I made. I would like to hear your thoughts

Thanks. Do you have any thoughts on this design

Without information that @PrintDriver requested, one doesn’t know where to begin.

Graphic design is typically driven by a purpose or goal. For example, a book cover to help sell a book or a social media image to promote a restaurant or a website that provides infomation to a business’s customers.

The work you posted, as you put it, is a random design — something you created just for the sake of doing it. In other words, it’s more accurately a work of art than graphic design. There’s nothing wrong with this, but it makes judging the work difficult in a forum centered around graphic design.

It’s very interesting, though.


Thanks, I understand now