Hi, I'm just an amateur designer that needs help

I need some advice on how to edit and design new posts to upload on social media and even my own website when I launch it. Recently just found out about canva and I have designed something but it doesn’t look great but has a sort of tone to what type of posts I want to design etc. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I’ve used this before https://sproutsocial.com/

It’s quite good.

As for designs - that’s up to you. Canva is not something I’ve explored greatly. I wouldn’t touch it though.

As a print provider we reject files created by Canva because they are causing issues with RIPs that we deal with and that’s a lot of RIPs with many different printers globally.

Sprout Social isn’t free - it’s about 100 a month.

And Canva is free.

I suppose you’ll get what you pay for.

If you’re happy with the designs or not is your call. If you’re designing them and can’t do it justice - then free isn’t going to cut it.
And any platform you choose, whether it’s Affinity, Adobe, Canva, Sprout Social, or any other Platform to create your designs - if you can’t do it - the FREE or not, you’re going to struggle.

So you’ll probably end up paying someone something to do something for you and your business.

You know the saying - you gotta spend money to make money.

Good luck.

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At a previous job where I managed the creative team, the social media person (who wasn’t a designer) used Canva to quickly come up with various graphics for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They looked pretty good for a non-designer.

I don’t use Canva for anything, so I can’t give you any hints there. As for improving design skills, it took me several years of school and several more years of practice and work experience. For that matter, decades later, I’m still practicing, learning, and getting better at it. There’s no way I can condense that down into a few paragraphs.

However, if you ask more specific questions, I and others can give you feedback. The question you asked, though, is awfully broad.

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I’ve got an idea to merge sheeps and a mattress in to the photo but I can’t seem to make it look good. Need some advice on how to clean up the pic and make it flow if you understand.