Hi there can u rate this graphic

Hi, I have a question about my graphic is it good and would you buy a T-shirt with this graphic for 16$? is it a reasonable price for that or too low or too high? It is my brand’s logo, so it has to be as simple as it is. Anything I can add or change? Ps thanks for your time and opinion that means a lot to me :slight_smile:

me :slight_smile:

The logo and your brand mean nothing to me.
I probably wouldn’t even wear it if you gave it to me for free.
Unless I was an employee and had to wear it.

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You should be asking your a focus group made up of individuals from your target market rather than random internet strangers.

Personally, I don’t find the graphic appealing and I would not wear the shirt. But I may or may not be in your target market. Also, I have no idea what QUD is or what it means.

If you’re goal is to be the next Under Armuor or Nike, I think this is a swing and a miss. Sorry.


Enlighten me. What does QUD mean?


Now You just enlighted me that I should ask people from my target market because before I asked people and there was opinion like- man I love it I definitely buy one and like that no You should change this and this and many more :slight_smile:

It’s cool I’m pleased to hear Your opinion thanks so much for ur time u don’t know how u made my evening being with a smile thanks again

Have a good day/evening whenever u read it

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Thanks for your opinion :slight_smile:

Appreciate you and ur time

It doesn’t really have meaning, it means my brand :slight_smile:

Okay cool. Now explain to us why someone would pay to wear (advertise) your brand, and what exactly would they be advertising? Imported beer? Marital aids? Cross-training shoes for goats?

(Sorry, kind of got stuck in one category there.)

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