Hidden gem in Illy CC2018

When you ad a guide in Illustrator by nature it will extend to the maximum of the artboard possibilities.

If you work with multiple artboards this could be annoying, becauqz you needed the guides on one artboard but not an other. It was possible to resolve this by drawing a line and convert that line to a guide. Or take the scissors and cut the guide and throw away the unneeded extending guides.

In CC2018 under the properties panel you find all kind of options for a selected element. A guide is an element just as well as a square.

When you select a guide and click on the three little dots at the bottom of the transorm properties you can change the length of the guide. It is also artboard based so when you have a different artboard selected you can arrange the guides for that artboard differently.

Be sure to have the reference point set to the centre in the transform options.

I think this is a nice hidden gem.

By the way in this version (CC2018) when you select a line and you click on the same three dots in the properties panel you can have a readout of the length of the line just as you have in InDesign and adjust it if you want to. Always keep your reference point noticed to define where the adjustment has to be made.

Just a litlle tip

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I particularly LOVE when Illustrator selects everything on every artboard when you tell it to select all. That is just so helpful. Not.
(yeah, yeah you can make it a 3 finger salute to do just one artboard, but it should default key to the active one. Just sayin’)

Let’s cheer if they do something good :slight_smile:

Yeah, whenever they add a new thing that wasn’t part of the original core intent, there are lingering symptoms of disjointed feature interaction. The addition of multiple artboards potentially affects every other feature.

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