High quality GIFs

I’m new to animated gifs, and exporting in GIF format is vexing! The best ways I’ve found so far to export in decent quality are (1) gifgun (2) giphy. I’ve tried the Premiere way but it’s not as good, plus it needs me to raise the FPS to at least 50 and I’ve heard that a high fps GIF can be too taxing. I’ve tried GIMP, too, and it didn’t work out well… could be because I’m a GIMP beginner, though. I plan to check out Canva next - does anyone have experience there? What is your favorite way to export animated GIFs?
I really need to export in a way that won’t destroy the professional quality of it… Any and all tips are welcome.
Thank you in advance!

GIF is not actually a video format, it is more like an image format that can store more than 1 image at once. If you want 50 FPS you should consider using a true video format.

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In a 30-year career, I may have produced less than a dozen animated GIF’s, and none in the last 10 years or more.

On it’s face—that is, export methods aside—the format is quite limited; several seconds of 256-color, frame-based animation. Frankly, I’m curious as to what application of the format has lead you to delve into it as though it’s an in-demand specialty, when I’d have thought the very notion of animated GIF was nearing full obsolescence. Of course there could be plenty of which I’m unaware.

Professional quality? Can you post an example that you consider to be of professional quality, and one of yours that you feel falls short?


maybe take a look at https://ezgif.com
lots of online apps with editing and optimization tools including framerate
I used it for video to gif converting but only for fun

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Hey Joe!
I used ezgif for generating 10,000 barcodes in about 2 minutes - works like a charm!

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Thank you all for your replies!
I ended up getting GifGun, which solved all of my problems. It’s awesome. I can choose how to lighten up the file size in order to get a good enough export, quality-wise.
Ezgif is quite handy, too.

I used to think it is obsolete myself, but apparently it is still on high enough demand. It’s one of the reasons my current company employed me. The demand is probably different in various countries, of course, and we aren’t exactly top-notch-tech here, but I’ve been told to create some for google ads, so at least this use is quite probably on a global level.