Hike beer packaging

Advertising Agency: BBDO Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

Challenge: hike is a mass market beer, produced by one of Ukraine’s biggest breweries. It needed a redesign of its completely outdated, 14-year-old label. The brand wanted to compete with the new kings of the market – craft beer, cidre and hard lemonade. So the label needed to stand out and be visible and strong.

Solution: A simple, edgy visual identity that’s revolutionary in the category. We removed all the ‘beer’ cliches – no hops, no mills, no barrels. This allowed the brand to achieve a minimalistic identity while maintaining a bold, punchy and expressive visual code.


I really like this.

I suspect the beer isn’t that good, but I do like the totally different direction they’ve gone with the packaging. Whether or not it helps sell the beer, though, I’m not so sure. It looks a bit more like the packaging for orange soda

Even so, I love the looks.

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This entire series of mockups is exquisite. Remarkably done.
It has a simple, industrial feel, that should be right up to par (if not exceed) with the modern day craft beer market.

Have a Hike?

Not Take a Hike?
Nice presentation.

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