[HIRING] Logo Designer Needed for Ongoing Project


  • Icon and Logo Design

  • No character art needed.

  • Value artist feedback and collaboration

  • Fair/Above market pricing

  • Project: Manifest - (Not allowed to include links at this time, but you can find the site at westernmanifest dot com)

My name is Jared Glenn and I’m the creator of the Manifest setting, an ongoing project preparing to release our first product via Kickstarter.

I’m in need of a designer capable of producing a distinctive icon (for merchandise) and logo (for the book spine). No character art is needed at this time. This would be exclusively word and symbol art.

I try to blend listening to the designer with providing a good, strong direction. I’ve been told that I’m easy to work with, and that I trust my artists. I’m more than happy to pay a good price for your work - I am not looking for a deal. Quality is very important to me, as well as an artist who can work with me on the design, providing their own insight as well.

The project is called Manifest, a mythic western setting for various projects, including a Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting, which is the first product.

You can find the project at westernmanifest dot com. It turns out that new users cannot post links, but you can type it out as shown above.

If this seems like a project you would be interested in, please PM me with your information, website, portfolio information, and pricing (if you have them).


They just granted me the ability to post links, so here it is!


Let me know if you’re interested!

If you are interested in what ManifestLaw is offering, please respond to him via the forum’s private messaging feature. In keeping with our usual practice with help-wanted posts, I’m locking the thread to additional comments.

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