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I am currently studying a Diploma of Graphic Design and I had been working on a web design for an assessment. I also have some questions I would like to ask as well.

I know there are long links there, but this is only a prototype. My main concern right now that will help me with the assessment are the pages themselves and if the links work or not.

Please let me know if you have any problems with the links or the files. Here are the questions to make things a bit easier:

  1. Is the site well structured?

  2. Are there any problems with the other web pages (bright.html, gallery.html, etc)?

  3. Is the font too small to read?

  4. Is the page readable from further away?

  5. Do the links work?

  6. Is the font visible to see?

  7. Are there any suggestions that could help me improve the webpage? (Colours, font, size of images, etc?)

Thanks. Your suggestions and feedback will be wonderful and it will help me improve more as a Freelance Graphic Designer.My website prototype design

The site has structure, but its minimal at best. If there was more content, type and photos it could be judged more effectively.

None of the other pages have problems loading or downloading. Not that I downloaded anything, cant be too safe on the internet.

The type are almost all one weight, and near identical sizes. For better hierarchy set yourself rules in terms of size, and weight to use. A website is generally seen up close. Nobody should be looking at the site at a distance unless you are projecting it on a large screen. Even if the later is correct, focus on hierarchy in terms of typography. It helps with layout and gives people a place to look to find info.

People scan websites quickly and generally in a Z-shaped fashion. Know where to put your menus, content, links, and images.

The site responds pretty well, I have a 4k screen and it didnt fall apart when I tested it.

Thank you so much for the feedback. I very much appreciate it.

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