Honest feedback needed (tool for web designers)

Greetings fellow GDF members!

I’m Yaro, and my co-founder and I are building not8 - a platform for product review, whose main target audience are going to be web designers.

Right now we have an MVP - a Chrome extension that allows you to leave sticky notes on live websites and share them with your colleagues. Unfortunately, I can’t refer you directly due to the restrictions of the platform, so I would really-really appreciate if you go to Chrome Web Store, find “not8” there and try it out :slight_smile:

Our early adopters find it useful for teammate & client feedback collection and say that it increases team productivity by up to 15%!

As a very early-stage startup, we would really appreciate an honest feedback from the designer community, so we know what to work on.

If you can hop on a quick call to answer a couple of questions - that’s even better! In exchange, we are happy to offer an early access to our future platform to those who agree to spend ~15 minutes of their time on an interview.

Really hope for your support!

Thank you