Hooray! I found the forum light switch ▣

It feels good to be out of that miserable dank cellar.

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Just a matter of personal preference, but I like the light theme a lot better too.

Yup. Same here.

That’s too bad … I often asks folks to come to the dark side …

I have milk and cookies :japanese_ogre::smiling_imp:


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I prefer the light theme too, though RKK’s offer is very hard to resist!

LOL *** bats eyes innocently ***

:smiley: :smiley:

Should we switch to light?

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The dark doesn’t bother me at all. But, that’s just me I guess :wink:

I think as long as folks know there is a choice …either way is fine by me :slight_smile:

One slightly practical thing to consider is that lots of the images being posted will be surrounded by varying amounts of white space in the JPEG. This border will be invisible in the white theme, but stand out as a bit unsightly in the dark theme. And given that most people will likely not change their default, I’d be inclined to make the default white.


That is a really good point Mr. B. I forgot about that little “web ready” feature many images have.

[I N S E R T_D A N K_M E M E_H E R E]

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