How are you currently navigating to GDF?

Although this site is very responsive, I find it much easier to use on a computer. I’m brand new here and really enjoy the topics and resources(and members).
I’d enjoy hearing how everyone is currently bookmarking the site and what browser you’re using?
So far I’m bookmarking the site to the home page in the Brave browser on my workstation MacPro. On mobile (iPhone) I’ve added a GDF link to my Home Screen. I’m only assuming there’s not a proper mobile app for this?
Thanks All👍🏻

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I use a desktop and have been here so much that typing GR brings it up in the Firefox URL bar, LOL.
On my phone, it’s a hassle but I do log in there if I’m killing time somewhere and only have the phone. I don’t do it if one of my desktops is available. I wouldn’t know a proper mobile app from not proper. Everything mobile is a chore for me. Starting with having to read the tiny type, LOL!

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I usually access GDF with a desktop browser, but I often read on my phone in Safari.

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I’m not sure I’ve ever accessed this forum from my phone. I’ll use my tablet once in a while, but 98-plus percent of the time it’s from my desktop computer as a quick diversion from work. I have lots of bookmarks, but I’ve never bookmarked this forum. Like PrintDriver, if I type gr into the browser, it fills in rest. I typically use Chrome and, sometimes, Opera.

Call me clueless, but this is the first I’ve heard of the Brave browser. I’ll need to check it out.

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I have a background in IT, so I’m always on the hunt for secure browsing. Brave has been doing quite well in this area. Check it out

Haaaa! I agree 100% plus add fat fingering the mobile keyboard to the list😆

Most of my routine visits and posting are done on my office desktop rig, in Firefox . . . an old version that still supports an appearance add-on that puts my Bookmarks toolbar across the title bar, looking like an extension of the application menus (File, Edit, View, etc.).

See the GDF bookmark there 7th from the right:

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You can find us on the Discourse App:

I am old school. I use a desktop for 99% of all online stuff. I do use my phone occasionally and I access it through the browser … not the app.

I just make and use standard bookmarks. It’s the 2nd icon at the top of my browser bar.

Now, when I’m in GDF itself, threads I want to access quickly or frequently are bookmarked by clicking “Bookmark” at the bottom of the threads I want to keep. Then click “Bookmarks” at the top when you want to access your favs.

boy, I’ve said bookmark a lot :smiley:


Thank you @RedKittieKat

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@Indiana.Doug You’re very welcome :slight_smile:

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