How are You feeling about this?

I’d love to know Your opinion 'bout my las work. What do you think? Oh, I need to advice, its not advert of tablet or somethink:)

or version number two :slight_smile:

Sorry. That’s the only impression I get. Try less, for better results.

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No focal point.
Disharmonious color palette.
No relevant context.
Heavy handed.

It looks as though there was no clear objective; just a desire to make something extreme.

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Yeah, its tru. It was purely something I wanted to do but without any conclusion. Wait, there was only one.I wanted to make so-like bucket of paint letting in front of somobedy eyes. Such an impression, non sense was in here. Something, You know, graphic without any special purposes :slight_smile: By the way, I really appreciate Your opinion. In the future, I’ll try make something better. Thanks

Yeah, You’re right. I’ll try to make something simpler in the future, but I was trying, when making that, to obtain some kind of “whooo” results. I guess it wan’t great idea but maybe I’m wrong? :slight_smile:

The work you’ve posted might be better thought of as fine art than graphic design. Graphic design is always built around engaging an audience with a communicative end goal in mind.

Thank You, realy, really much:). Well, if You have some time, take a look for this. I really need opinion from somebody like You:) Of course yhere are projects made especilly for press or client for exaple:) crazygraphic
The name od my portfolio You know. Cant even upload link:) Btw. In previous line is one part and this is the othre If You have some tie, that would by great:)