How can design thinking help to build better startups?

How can design thinking help to build better startups?

No. A business degree helps to build startups. I am going to assume here that said startups sell design thinking.

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Sounds like a test question.

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What do you mean by “design thinking?” This is a graphic design forum, so are you referring to considering graphic design when starting up a business? Or are you referring to design in general, as in thinking through problems and developing solutions for them? Or perhaps you’re referring to critical thinking skills, which are important for analyzing, discovering and designing almost anything.

The unique approach behind design thinking is getting it a great exposure from different walks of business. I would like to know more about how one can think design thinking and business are related.

I always hate to suggest Googling something for an answer, but this whole “design thinking” has become something of a fad in business. There are books about it and lots of information on the Internet.

In general, the concept seems to take the thought processes good designers have used for years — research > understanding > developing ideas > prototyping > testing > implementation > re-evaluation, and so on — then apply them to general business problems. There are lots of different variations in these steps, but “design thinking” descriptions always seem to spell out similar variations.

Although carefully identifying and thinking through problems is extremely important before developing solutions, doing so is rarely the rigid, straight-forward process that this “design thinking” craze paints it as being. Instead, throughout the process, good designers remain flexible, critical, creative, open-minded, skeptical and use a good deal of intuition based upon experience in conjunction with these kinds of general workflow and thinking processes. Any time critical thinking and good design are reduced to simply following a series of pre-defined steps, the whole notion of “design thinking”, ironically, becomes somewhat antithetical to the good design it’s meant to foster.


Every plan to do anything requires and constitutes “design thinking.” If you need to divert from your normal route home from work, (which you ‘designed’ by the way), to pick up a loaf of bread, you design the alternate route, perhaps considering one-way streets, road construction, a neighborhood you’d rather avoid, etc. When you arrive at the store, you design the best parking solution, choosing the best available option, based on proximity to the door, ease of entry, and ease of exit. Then you go in and choose the brand of bread that has proven effective in your sandwich design.

So yeah, business too.

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You sure this isn’t a summer exam?

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