How can I combine or merge?

It is about Hindi alphabet झ (2).

I just noted this character from my font is displayed incorrectly (3) so I am attempting to correct it myself, but I do not know how to do it. I presume this is a simple task.

The software I found is FontForge. If there is another alternative that better suits these purposes, it is much welcomed to mention in your answer.

So I am attempting to copy and paste the right section of the character (5) to merge with the character (4).

But I do not know how to merge the two altogether (1), or if this practice is not recommended.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

How can I combine the two (1)?

I doubt you’ll get many replies on using FontForge. It’s free but terribly clunky software — even by 1980’s standards, let alone 2022. I use both Glyphs and FontLab, but they’re pricey.

Merging two shapes is easy in any drawing program. I know FontForge has a merge function, but I don’t know how it works.

However, your glyph outline has many problems. There are too many anchor points and the shapes are poorly drawn. Perhaps you’re just learning how to use vector drawing tools, which is fine — it takes practice.

As I mentioned, I don’t use Fontforge, but it appears you might have an open path in the spot I’ve marked. I don’t know if this is the case, but an open path on a shape outline might prevent that shape from merging with another.

I have no knowledge of editing fonts. Are there any services I can pay for their services to edit the font? Is it legal? I can provide the website where I find the font.

OK. From what you just wrote, I’m assuming this isn’t a font you designed and is a free font you obtained from somewhere. Whether it’s legal or not to alter it depends on the license agreement that came with it.

Judging from the glyph outlines you posted, it’s a terribly built font — both in terms of technical quality and design. There are other free Hindi fonts, so why not use one of them instead?

Judging only from the outline of the jha character you posted, I must assume the font has many other problems. However, if you post a link to the download location, I’d be willing to look at it for you. Adding the missing piece to the jha would be very easy. Fixing the entire font, however, would be a huge job.

Do you accept payment for such request? There are two other characters I would need to correct. ढ and ख. You can indeed find this font “Samanata” easily.

Sorry. I searched for it and only found it listed in two places (both in India). One of those locations wanted me to give them a credit card number, which I won’t do. The other location let me download a font that was corrupt, couldn’t be opened in a font editor, and as likely as not would have attempted to install malware if I tried to install it.

As I suggested, use another Hindi font from a reputable source. Here’s a link to a free-to-use Google font designed by type designers that I know to be legitimate.

Are you going to help me modify the hindi font? I can give you the .ttf file and pay you for this modification. But I do not know if it is legal when it is for private use.

I sent you a private message.