How can I create this type of effect around the font on the logo?

I am new to graphic design and this forum.

I am wondering how I can create this type of effect of a line around the font of the logo.

Its the bubble line effect. Is there an easy way? I have been trying to search a tutorial but I wasn’t sure what this design effect is called.

Thank you for your help.

I could be wrong but I believe thats the offset path effect under effect > path > offset path

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Thank you. I will try that. I don’t use Photoshop, I moved to Affinity recently, so I will see if I can figure it out in Affinity.

In Illustrator or Affinity Designer, just copy everything, Paste it in back with a white outline. Paste another version in back of that with a larger blue outline. It helps to keep things on different layers so that you have access to each without the others getting in the way.


Illustrator – I’d use the Appearance attributes.

Affinity Designer – Haven’t used it, so nothing to contribute here.

Even if you know how to do it via PS thats fine.

btw Affinity products are shockingly good value for money. No exaggeration. As much as I think Adobe products are great, the Affinity like is a lifesaver for money.

Also, I am not a professional designer, so I suppose I am not the best person to judge.

You don’t build logos in Photoshop.
If you do this with the Appearance panel in Illustrator, once you have arrived at your logo lock-up, expand it and clean it up. I charge a set-up fee for a reason. Don’t give me a reason.

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Every graphic designer should take heed.

You can do that in Affinity Designer’s appearance panel as well. Here is a video tutorial showing how.

However, I noticed that Affinity Designer’s appearance panel is more finicky than Adobe Illustrator’s. Affinity Designer will only allow you to add multiple fills and strokes to a single object and not live text. So, you will have to convert your text to curves, then ungroup it, then use pathfinder to make your text all one “shape” and then apply multiple fills and strokes. The nice thing about Affinity Designer is they allow strokes to have a fill of “erase” which knocks out of any background, including the strokes behind it.

I would also recommend keeping a version of your logo that is editable text as well, just in case.

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Thank you so much. This is really appreciated.

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