How can I do this design?

Ok, so basically I am trying to create the “licence plate” designs and I couldnt find any high quality pictures to begin with. I need the height of about 1000 pixels, any ideas what would be the best way to create such designs?

What I have in mind: inscraft com/collections/license-plate-shoes

Redraw the license plate in Illustrator — pretty easy stuff. Are you a graphic designer or someone just needing the artwork for some reason?

No I am not a designer, this would be way too much for me I think :slight_smile: I just need the art.

Hire a professional designer.

Let’s say there was an easy way to create a license plate design, that’s just the first of many steps if you’re trying to create a design style similar to what’s shown on the shoes in your link.

I would do that, but I am trying to see if there is an easy way so I could do it. I will need a lot of such designs, and would get expensive quickly.

A bunch of years ago, Utah hired me to draw the fish and elk on their licenses plates below. They’re public domain, so you can use them if you’d like. Somewhere or another on an old backup drive, I have the originals.

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Like any serious and not-so-serious projects, a necessary first step is whipping out your pencil and paper.

Like any serious business endeavor, it’s good to have starting capital.
And a good idea…

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That’s what GDF is for.

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