How can i make this clouds effect

Hi all,

Im trying to find out a way to colour these clouds but im just getting close. still something is missing.

*this one

I tried with gradient map and it seems that it just not enough.
Im looking to get the exact effect. if you have any idea it’ll be awesome,


It appears to be a photograph with negative filters applied in spots or hue tweaking. You can do this in photoshop just by tweaking the hue in the image/adjustment menu, or by adding layers with transparency effects. You can even do it in spots with layer masks.


That would be my guess too.

It is a cool-looking image. I’m half tempted to take a shot at it.

Thanks for replying!
I’ll try that

Will love see if you can get a similar effect

I used to apply layers to achieve such an outcome…

I still didn’t figure out away to create this one.
I believe he used some kind of gradient map technique with blend modes
Are there any other designers who want to try one?

I did this quickly, and it is sloppy, but I used the magic wand and played with the tolerance (most important, uncheck the contiguous selection box), that way as I clicked around the!image I got similar values which allowed me to then …


create layer adjustments using hue/saturation and ticking the “colorize” box. Mine is less saturated, but you could bump up the saturation more on some of the selections if need be.

I also played around with selective color, but felt hue/saturation got closer. You may have to do a little of both, and smooth out your selections a little more.

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Thanks Craig!
That’s a good technique too.
I actually found that when using the mix brush with Blending mods I got really close to the original image

First you need to have a clear idea of the color pallete you will use.

Convert the image you want to extract the pallete from to indexed color. Use a limited number of colors, like 16.

For this step I used PhotoPaint because I can arrange the resulting pallete by brighness.

Then take a good cloud image. I need a really contrasted one, with different layers of clouds. I used this:

Now on PS or whatever program you have, apply a gradient map and start asigning diferent colors across the gradient. Here is my PS on the left and my color pallete as a reference on the right.

Tweek it moving the colors left-right so you have more control on how much color area you want.

Now crop your image.


You can use aditional steps. For example on PhotoPaint you could apply some artistic filter like watercolour to the image, so it looks more like a painting or splashes of paint. But the main Idea is to control the gradient.

Another step would be making a composition of clouds. The impact on the image you posted is on the composition, the diagonals. So, if you solve the composition before the grading is a good start.

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