How can I market internationally for UI/UX design?


How can I market internationally for UI/UX design?
Is email marketing is a proper way to achieve this issue?
Please if you have any experience share it with me.



I don’t know anyone who would trust a UI/UX project with someone from another country who sent them an unsolicited spam email. Doing that is also a good way to get your IP address blacklisted.

You might want to try There are lots of projects there. However, most people posting projects to Upwork are small businesses and individuals who need more than a UI/UX designer — they typically need someone who can do those things and whatever coding might accompany it.

Edit: I’m a moderator and can see the IP from which you posted. Unfortunately, you’re in a heavily sanctioned country where Upwork can’t do business. Let’s hope our two governments can soon work out their differences.

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