How can I provide a contact list of consumers of g


How can I provide a contact list of consumers of graphic design services?


It already exists. It’s called telephone book.


I mean email address for email marketing.

Are you asking how you can obtain a list of potential graphic design clients?

Here in the U.S., a good way is to look into newly registered corporations by contacting the appropriate registration agency in each state. Newly formed corporations often need design work done.

However, I noticed on your Dribbble page that you’re from Tehran. As you know, there are some unfortunate difficulties between your country’s government and mine that would likely make selling your services in the U.S. a little difficult.

Even so, I assume there are similar government agencies in other countries that register businesses and issue business licenses. Whether that information is available to the public, as it is here, I don’t know. You might want to check into it.

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Hello Saeed,

Providing a contact list of consumers of graphic design services could be challenging as it would require access to confidential information that is typically not shared publicly. so can try these,

One option is to create a survey or questionnaire that asks individuals if they have used graphic design services in the past and if they would be willing to share their contact information for marketing purposes. This approach is less intrusive and respects individuals’ privacy rights.

Another option is to reach out to businesses or organizations that frequently use graphic design services, such as marketing agencies, print shops, or web development companies, and ask if they could share their contact list with you. This approach may require some negotiation and may not always be successful.

Overall, it’s important to prioritize ethics and privacy when gathering contact information for marketing purposes. By being transparent and respectful, you may be able to build a reliable and valuable contact list over time.

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Thank you for your answer.
There is a tool called email finder. I talked to companies that provide such services. They claim that email sent to these email boxes will not be considered spam.
Have you ever had such an experience? what is your opinion?