How can i put two characters i made in a new scene

Me and a friend trying to create a scene for a comic book.
we already had made the two main characters with Midjourney. the problem is: putting one of the the characters into a scene and keep it consistent we already know how to do.

But how can we place both the characters in this is what we currently trying to wrap our head around. Is anyone here have any idea as for how can it be done?

Make the two characters one image, maybe?
Or learn Photoshop.

Make the two characters one image, maybe?

not a solution from the following reasons

  • we already have the desired design separatly
  • "we tried to merge both pictures together in photoshop
    • A: that Midjourney is insisting of keeping the the obvious color differences between the pictures (even after the background had being removed.
    • B because it was made with photoshop and not Midjourney the picture dont have a seed which makes which is essential for maintaining consistency.

Or learn Photoshop.

I already know photoshop. but besides the problem i mentioned that caused by using it at this stage.
is that i cant really create separately and combine them together either. i am gonna need to have them both in aligned in terms of angel camera frame. and lighting. and to my knowledge MJ is just to random for that.