How Can i Secure A Website From Hackers

How Can i Secure A Website From Hackers?

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If you don’t know the answer, I don’t want to hire you.


Really it depends on where and how the website is hosted. Managed or Unmanaged VPS, Cpanel, etc. Are we talking about server security, a database, and email accounts, or just the front-end of the website? Is the website static or is it running on a CMS like Wordpress?

Number of hacked websites grew by 32% in 2016-17 compared to the previous year.
You can secure your website from hackers by using these simple hints.
1.Software Updation
2.SQL injection prevention
3.Cross Site Scripting
5.Complex passwords only

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The OP is a spammer.

While I wouldn’t say a 32% increase is insignificant, this is a great example of how nebulous seemingly conclusive statistical information can be.

Many typically unscientific people who read this with enough interest might do a quick mental calculation, thinking that even if that previous year’s number was only 1% of websites hacked, that it has now increased to 33%! The actual current number in that scenario would only be 1.32%.

So please everyone, let’s be careful about how we express and interpret such things.

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He isn’t looking for an answer. He is wasting our time and then will come in with a wonderful “solution” he found :smiley:

I will however leave this up as info for those that actually appreciate and need our responses :slight_smile:

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