How can I use behance?

Is there a secret to getting more views on behance?

Depends on what you are using it for.

If you are using it for strictly portfolio purposes in order to get a job at a design firm, views and likes don’t matter.

If you are trying to use it to drum up business, it is only one avenue you need to be pursuing. You need more online presence that all interconnects so if someone runs across you somewhere else, they will see your Behance link. In-person dealings and word of mouth go a long way too. When looking for clients, Behance is just one tiny part of that (a better option would be a website with your own domain name…)

If you are just doing it for “Likes,” as in using it for a refrigerator door to show your Art, I have no idea other than maybe being sure your keywords are appropriate. I couldn’t care less for “Likes.”


Yes, there is a secret. Just keep uploading new logos you have done and at one day you will start recieving lots of likes. Just need a time to make it happen.

If you want design work, you’d be better off uploading entire branding packages. “Likes for Logos” is not going to do it for any long term career goals. I don’t hire designers based on Likes. I don’t know anyone who does.

Depend on what your are searching or posting and always add trending hashtags or related to your post hashtags and content. You have upload continuously with trending hashtags in Behance. Also, you can discuss designing related concerns like layout or concepts in it.

Gonna say it again, designers aren’t hired for likes or view numbers. And if you post blog content you better know what you are talking about. Not all people who hire designers are “general public who don’t know better.”

I think it’s funny that the original poster has never responded.

Do likes and views matter? Maybe they don’t, but maybe they do. Let me explain why I say that.

I have hired multiple illustrators off of Behance. That process always starts with a search. For example, I might search for “3d exploded view illustration.” If Behance has an algorithm that will show me portfolios of “3d exploded view illustration” portfolios that have more likes and views ahead of “3d exploded view illustration” portfolios that don’t get many likes or views, then, yes, likes and views absolutely matter because they put more eyeballs on your portfolio so you have an increased chance of getting hired.

Am I going to hire an illustrator based directly on the number of likes and views? No, not directly (though you could still argue yes in as much as they cause the portfolio to be viewed). After I find a number of illustrators that I think could do the work, I may reach out to 6 or so in search of someone that is open to the work, responds promptly (taking into account there may be a significant time zone difference), can communicate well in English, has an interest in the project, and prices the work at a fair rate (not looking for the cheapest person out there, but I have to put some markup on their time).

If there are any Behance power users out there that can shed any light on search ranking within Behance, I’d be curious to hear how it works.