How can I use Pinterest with my client?

Hi there. Lately I wad having a problem understanding some of my clients. And I heard of making a moodboard and send it to them. I heard that here in this forum. I never used Pinterest before. How can I make that board and send it to them? Should they have a Pinterest account too? And how can they show me what they like on that board and sent me that? Thanks!

It doesn’t necessarily have to be Pinterest. I have a Pinterest account, but I don’t use it much. I have heard of other designers using Pinterest for client/project mood boards, though. I could be mistaken, but I think one needs to sign up to Pinterest to see others’ mood boards. Someone correct me if I’m wrong about that.

I sometimes use my own website for mood boards and posting proposals for clients to look at. I’ll create a hidden page not linked to from anything and protected with a password that I give to the client I’m working with.

I don’t do this with most jobs, but as you’ve said, sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what clients are thinking. In these cases, it’s helpful to show them examples of possible styles, concepts, directions, etc., by having them select from those example what most closely matches up with what they’re thinking.

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The client will need an account to see the full board. They can only see a partial preview without one.

You create the board and send them a link. If they like something they can email you and tell you which one it is. Or they could create a board of their own and pin it there. Follow that board to see what they put there.

Personally I wouldn’t use Pinterest. The photos may link back to the creator of something they like, then your client may choose to dump you and have that other person create the design.

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There is no right or wrong way to do a mood board. Do what works for you. For my own work flow, mood boards are used internally only. If I make one, I won’t show it to the client since I don’t want my client getting “creative.”

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Thank you

That’s interesting I didn’t though about that

It’s funny, I can sometimes guess if a client is already a Pinterest user in which case I’ll ask them to share their board with me.

However, If they aren’t already a member, I wouldn’t request they join for my sake. I just send them a few images as inspiration and see if they’re happy to go down that track. I know some designers spend time creating mood boards but I don’t do that unless a client specifically asks for it. Some require one for presenting to their own superiors/clients. Charge accordingly :wink:


What what if you face that kind of client who says I like but not what I am looking for you?

Welcome to the wonderful world of graphic design.

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