How cn i fix this " 3d REAL-TIME PREVIEW"

How can I solve this problem when I activate " Switch to Real-Time Preview "
The pixels in the object


If anyone is going to answer this, they are going to need more information, such as the software you are using!

With the scant information you have given, I’d say render it – or even just a few seconds of it – out fully to see if the issues persist. I suspect that is just a preview issue and that a full render will resolve it.

this is on adobe Illustrator
This image is from the full output of the file as well

I’m afraid I have no idea. I don’t have enough experience with the 3D tools on illustrator. Hope someone else can help. I’m curious to know too.

My first guess would be to make sure you don’t have stray points hanging around in the object or group where you’re applying the effect. I’ll have to try to replicate tomorrow, I’m not used to the new 3d panel and effects yet. I’m following along with interest.

Saving this here to follow up

Thanks My Bro u help me :heart_eyes:

Thanks bro :heart_eyes: