How do align these objects?


How do I align these dots horizontally and vertically so the space around them is the same? I know I could use the Align tool for this but for some reason it’s not working (I might not be using it how it’s supposed to be). Eventually, I want to copy and paste the dots so I can have more dots and align them again.

Not sure what the end goal is here but it sounds like something the pattern tool was made for.

As for alignment, also not sure how to go about it without using the align tool.

I know that was not very helpful. My apologies.

Start with just a single dot. Select it. I am assuming it is vector.

Step-and-repeat it horizontally to the distance and frequency you determine.

Now select all of them. Step-and-repeat them vertically to the distance and frequency you determine.

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You know, someday, Adobe might think about adding an Array function to Illustrator.
The signwares I use have had them for decades, LOL! You just click the tool, type in the number of things across and the number of things down, then put in a separation distance and click apply. Done.
(there may be a way to do it in Illy using the Appearance palette. Maybe Craig has a solution.)

Wouldn’t hurt to know what application you’re using.

Assuming it’s Illustrator, using the Align panel for this kind of thing is a fundamental technique. If it’s going wrong for you, it would be valuable to find out why. Post the steps you take when making an attempt, and someone will identify your mistake.

Aside from that, the aforementioned Step and Repeat feature, Effect > Transform > Move [Copy} via the Appearance panel, and simple use of Alt+Shift+Drag with Smart Guides are all viable alternatives.

@PrintDriver You’re right, you can essentially do that in the appearance palette. It may be an extra step or two, but it can all be adjusted after the fact as well.

This shows one circle (top left which is shown as being selected in my screenshot) which has two transform effects applied in the appearance palette.

The first effect shows that I have copied the circle 5 times and moved them 100 px horizontally

I then simply applied a new transform effect where I have copied the circle 5 times and moved them 100 px vertically as well. When applying a new transform effect it warns that it will be applying a separate effect, which is correct and what you want so both effects are applied

You could combine it with scaling the items, rotating them, etc. for all types of possible outcomes.

Another possibility is the quite new feature of “repeat” that can be found under the Object menu.

Draw your shape, keep it selected and choose the grid option.

It will create some rows and colums of your shape.

The specific options of the ddistane between the objects can be found in properties panel.