How do I can separate the green part and save the


How do I can separate the green part and save the white part as curve SVG in illustrator?



There is no white…

Open it in illustrator.
Delete what you don’t need


Maybe there’s a language problem here, but I don’t understand your question.

Is this an Illustrator file or another type of image file you want to create in Illustrator? If it’s already an Illustrator file, click on the green shape and delete it. If you want to make the white shape a color, create a background for the whole thing and color it — the other shapes will knock out that shape if they’re sitting above it. If you want the green shape to be white and knock out the background that you’ve colored another color, make the green shape white.

There are all kinds of options here for doing things to make this or that one color or another or to remove or add anything you’d like, but as I said, I don’t understand what you’re trying to accomplish.

Maybe they want the negative shape to be a colour white.
There’s nothing in that space - it’s not white, it’s transparent.

So there’s no shape to speak of - deleting the other elements would leave no shapes at all.

To get the negative space as a shape - you’d need to draw the shape.

Which you can do with a couple of pen clicks.

Maybe there’s a new age way in Illustrator with shape tools etc. but I typically don’t use these.
I’ve always thought Illustrator just needs 1 tool - the mighty pen tool!

Anyway - just a thought.

Iit could be done by drawing a flat white background square behind the elements, then doing a copy and ‘paste in place’ of the existing positive shapes. Select these duplicates and the background, using the pathfinder/subtract tools, you should be able to make the negative space an element.

@sprout But that’s only if the file is already illustrator and not just a dragged in jpg right?

Of course. I assume it was already a vector SVG file. If not, it could be auto-traced (with hit and miss results). If not redraw is the remaining option.

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Ok cool. I was just checking I understood your thought process. Illustrator is one of my less used tools.

Thanks for your help. The white space is a white rectangle construct with the green part. I could achieve this job by using pathfinder.

Yes, that is an illustrator file.
The white space is a white regtangle.