How do I choose a computer for school?

I need some help purchasing a computer for school, because I don’t really know what specs I need computer-wise, or what’s considered good.

Someone in my area is selling a 2015 MacBook Pro for a great price, and I don’t want to kick myself later if I pass it up and it has what I needed.

Here are the specs:
-8GB Ram
-2.9 GHz
-Intel Core i5
-Intel Iris Graphics 1536 MB

Would this be good for graphic design?

Up until a couple of months ago, I was using a 15-inch, 2015 MacBook Pro and it worked just fine, but it had 16 GB of RAM, which to me is a minimum. You could get by with 8 GB, but you’d constantly experience slow-downs and need to shut down Adobe CC applications in order to use others. Unfortunately, the RAM isn’t upgradable in these computers.

Also, Apple recently issued a recall notice on the mid-2015 year MacBook Pro models for a free battery replacement due the tendency of the original batteries to swell and, possibly, catch fire.

I’m currently struggling a bit with 8gb of Ram on my IMAC desktop. And a have a superior processor to what that MacBook has.

For Macintosh, I consider 8gb to be an absolute bare minimum. You’ll get your work done, but i imagine in a year or less, you’ll be tanking in productivity. If you’re savvy enough to upgrade the RAM on the Macbook, I think you should get by just fine.

With 8gb of RAM, you may only be able to utilize one CC application at a time. Perhaps two, if it’s AI and a light InD file. Photoshop and anything else is liable to tank your system.

It’s not doable on these machines because the RAM is soldered directly onto the main logic board. There are also are no slots for additional memory modules. Then again, if someone is savvy enough to do it, yeah, you’re right, that person will get by just fine. :wink:

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So then we agree, it CAN be done.
With advanced engineering, metal working, computer architecture knowledge, and the hands of a surgeon. or as I call it “savvy-ness”.

and let’s face it, sometimes, computers randomly catch fire. Right? we’ve all been there… no?

In hindsight, unless the price on the MacBook is phenomenal, maybe you should pass.
And then, take Just-B’s Advice :wink:

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